Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Can You Hear the Drums? Artist Marie Theron on Africa

Today I am scared of a vast white canvas, not the canvas that I am painting on, but this new page on a new blog where Art from Africa is introduced.

Welcome everyone, to the continent of Myth and Magic and Mystery! Of Colour and Sound and Joy! I will introduce my post by using a collage and video that was made in the Beginning of August at an exhibition I took part in with two friends, Mart Leeuwner and Tatyana Binovskaya. The name of the exhibition was "Can You Hear the Drums?" I am right there in the middle of the collage and am surrounded by paintings by the three of us. Tatyana created images of great joy, music and dance. Mart showed with still life containing masks the deep mystery of Africa, and also made ceramic plates with African faces, and I showed paintings portraying the inner dignity and the daily lives of Africa.

Now, enter for a moment into the atmosphere at Longstreet Art Lovers in Pretoria to view : "Can you Hear the Drums?"

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